We are thrilled to work with competitive youth athletes and facilitate a week dedicated to expanding mental, physical, and technical capabilities.

What's included

  • Transportation to and from Rumney and the crag each day. Transportation leaves from Greenfield, MA.
  • Food (starting lunch the 29th – lunch the 3rd)
  • Camping accommodations at Barn Door Hostel
  • Expert level coaching in movement, technique, competition and mental strategies.
  • Rock climbing gear

What's not included

  • Breakfast the 27, dinner the 3rd.

Sample schedule

Day Approximate Time *subject to change* Approximate Plan *subject to change*
Friday June 27, 2020 12pm Arrive at Barn Door Hostel and prepare campsite, get oriented, and begin mental work for the weekend. 
Friday June 27, 2020 3pm Hike out to the crag for afternoon warmup and crag orientation.
Friday June 27, 2020 630pm Return to camp, dinner, debrief, and sleep
Saturday June 28, 2020 8am Breakfast, journal, prepare for the day
Saturday June 28, 2020 930am Climbing (orienting to the crag and climbing style, project shopping) including a rolling lunch at the crag
Saturday June 28, 2020 4pm Afternoon swim in the river
Saturday June 28, 2020 6pm Return to camp, dinner, debrief, and sleep
Sunday June 29, 2020 8am Breakfast, journal/projecting discussion, break down campsite
Sunday June 29, 2020 10am Climbing (movement workshops, project shopping) including a rolling lunch at the crag
Sunday June 29, 2020 4pm Return to camp, free time, dinner, evening mental work by the campfire, sleep
Monday June 30, 2020 8am Breakfast, journal/reflection on projects and movement
Monday June 30, 2020 10am Off day workshops: mental work, body awareness/balance, training considerations, breathwork.
Monday June 30, 2020 3pm  Free time, dinner, goal setting for the following day, sleep
Tuesday July 1, 2020 8am Breakfast, journal, individual reflections with coach
Tuesday July 1, 2020 10am Climbing (Onsight training, project attempts) including a rolling lunch at the crag
Tuesday July 1, 2020 4pm Free time, dinner, mental strategy work, sleep.
Wednesday July 2, 2020 8am Breakfast, mental/physical/technical prep for projecting, reflections with coach.
Wednesday July 2, 2020 10am Climbing (redpoint attempts) including a rolling lunch. 
Wednesday July 2, 2020 3pm  Free time, dinner, reflections and debrief from projecting, sleep
Thursday July 3, 2020 8am Breakfast, breakdown camp, mental prep and final reflections.
Thursday July 3, 2020 930am Climbing (final projecting attempts)
Thursday July 3, 2020 4pm Depart crag and arrive back in Greenfield for pick up around 630pm


  • June 29th to July 3rd
  • Early bird cost: $679
  • Regular cost: $725
  • A 50%, non-refundable deposit will be due June 1st

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