We do project-based work with a variety of folks all of whom have a common goal: making climbing a long lasting pastime by focusing on increasing cultural and emotional access.

Below are some ways we’ve seen success in making rock climbing a safe and accessible sport as well as creating lasting experiences in which folks feel valued as part of a community they want to contribute to.

If none of these programs suit your needs, or if you have a different idea all together, let’s start a conversation to explore our possibilities.

Let's talk about how we can work together!

Our Programs Fit your Personal Needs

Elementary and High School Programs

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TCC designs and facilitates school programming for school age children kindergarten to high school level. Programs can take place during the day or after school, at a local indoor facility or outside on real rock. They can also take a number of forms:

  • After School Programs
  • Orientation trips
  • School day PE options
  • Vocacional skill building

We generally focus on:

  • Introduction to climbing as a sport
  • Basic safety and responsibility skills
  • Basic movement and technique
  • Awareness of personal experiences like: excitement, nervousness, frustration, grit
  • Development of: Communication skills, problem solving strategies, trust, and risk assessment skills.

Our school programs are one of our most popular services, so service is limited! Please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Unpacking COVID: for schools

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As a response to the recent pandemic, TCC is looking forward to use rock climbing as a way to support school age children and young adults in learning to come together in common, physical space once it’s safe to do so.

These programs can take place at a local indoor gym or on real rock.

In addition to basic climbing safety and movement skills, we will focus on:

  • Understanding the impact of the pandemic on us personally and our family system (when age appropriate)
  • Understanding the burden placed on individuality, distrust of one another, inconsistent safety messages, etc.
  • Developing trust and deep relationships through practiced risk taking
  • Developing resilience and strength in learning to reflect on previous experiences and find power in steps to carry forward.

Gym to Crag Programs/Skills development

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We firmly believe that rock climbing in an indoor facility vs on real rock outside requires a different set of skills. We love to work with local gyms to create strong gym to crag programs that provide basic skills, geography, and community for folks looking to take their climbing to the natural world.

Beyond gym to crag programs, we also offer skills development workshops such as:

  • Lead climbing / Trad climbing clinics
  • Falling workshops
  • Anchor building workshops
  • Movement and technique workshops

Coaching: Competitive and Recreational Teams/Clubs

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Our coaching programs boast a careful balance of rigorous physical and mental training with the development of closely-knit teams. With multiple years of USAC coaching experience and developing youth programs, TCC is a great addition to your climbing team. We have coached both on the youth and collegiate USAC circuits.

TCC also offers workshops for existing teams looking to bring their teams close together and take performance to the next level.

Outdoor Guiding/Experiences

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All of our programs can take place at local indoor facilities our at one of our many New England outdoor climbing areas. Our outdoor programs work with Peak Expeditions. Outdoor programs include access to rock climbing gear (helmets, shoes, harnesses, etc).