Justice, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion with in the Western Ma. Climber's Coalition

A collaboration with WMCC

Current Initiatives through the JDEI Committee and WMCC board working toward access:

  • Regular Community Conversation (previously listening session): June, 2021
  • Regular Speaker Series (previously info sessions): July, 2021
  • Farley parking lot accessible parking space(photo right)was installed May 17, 2021. This space is meant to provide protected parking for those with accessibility needs who enjoy visiting Farley Ledges. More information can be found on the WMCC website.

Social Justice in the Outdoors Workshop

Hosted by Hampshire College/a collaboration with Rachel Hailey and Associates

I’m thrilled to be organizing a workshop on Social Justice in the Outdoors! This is a collaboration with Rachel Hailey and Associates and will be hosted through the Hampshire College Outdoor Program. This 4.5 hour event will bring together students, leaders, and educators in the outdoor world to take a deep dive into how Justice, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion have historically been present in the outdoor world, current initiatives working toward the liberation and social change in outdoor spaces, and how can we, as a full-picture community, contribute to a shift in access, power, narratives, and comfort and safety in outdoor recreation and education. This workshop style conversation will be interactive in nature with a combination of panels and facilitated group discussions. It will not be complete without you there!

TCC Gear Closet

A community project to make outdoor and climbing gear more accessible.

More Information Coming Soon!

Project Safe Space

A collaboration with Dan Alroy

More Information Coming Soon!