The Climbing Connection's approach is built upon 4 pillars: Community, Individuals, Challenge, Integration. We view these pillars as connected and believe each builds upon the others. Our approach has seen success with individuals of all ages from a wide variety of backgrounds.


Humans rely upon one another to grow and explore. Modern culture has focused on individuals as lone entities, when in reality, humans tend toward collective nature. At the basis for all TCC programs is a supportive community. We build compassionate, communicative, curious teams that offer a safe foundation from which individuals can launch out and explore individual work; always knowing their community will catch them if they fall.


Once individuals know they are protected by their community, we challenge them to dive into their internal worlds. Here, individuals get a sense of their personal motivators, stressors, ways they assess risk, and what they do with fear and disappointment. We use these experiences to clearly communicate our likes and dislikes, along with relate to one another.


Building upon the safe base and intrapersonal understanding, we push individuals and teams to define their edge and push past it. We like to take well thought out risks, explore what we believe is “impossible”, and come up with tangible solutions to larger-than-life problems. Challenge is all about understanding discomfort and being ok with it.



Once we’ve dissected the pillars of community, identity, and challenge, we put it back together and apply this new knowledge in leadership initiatives. Our leaders take the time to appreciate and understand the team they work with, they value individual strengths as part of a larger collective, and they use their soft skills to drive vision in a sustainable and impactful way.

Our Programs Fit your Personal Needs

After School Programs

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TCC designs and facilitates after school programming for school age children kindergarten to high school level. These programs generally focus on introducing students to the sport, understanding basic safety concepts, and movement techniques.

After school programs are one of our most popular services, so service is limited! Please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Rock Climbing Mentoring

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Our mentoring programs are the most individualized. We generally work with individuals for mentoring, but are able to do group work as well. Popular programs have included homeschooling mentoring, teen mentoring, and gap year mentoring.

Coaching: Competitive and Recreational Teams/Clubs

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Our coaching programs boast a careful balance of rigorous physical and mental training with the development of closely-knit teams. With multiple years of USAC coaching experience and developing youth programs, TCC is a great addition to your climbing team. We have coached both on the youth and collegiate USAC circuits.

TCC also offers workshops for existing teams looking to bring their teams close together and take performance to the next level.

School Year Instruction

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We love integrating rock climbing into day time curriculum. We’ve found that rock climbing is a perfect augment to common core classes like PE, Geometry, Performing Arts, Special Education, Natural Sciences, General Social/Emotional curriculum, and orientation weeks.

Outdoor Guiding/Experiences

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All of our programs can take place at local indoor facilities our at one of our many New England outdoor climbing areas. Our outdoor programs work with Peak Expeditions. Outdoor programs include access to rock climbing gear (helmets, shoes, harnesses, etc).

Orientation/Graduation Trips

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One of TCC’s specialities is creating immersive programs that take students into the outdoors. We find that this experience lends itself to creating community unlike any other. In the natural world, we explore our internal world and push our limits.

These programs can be single or multi day trips. TCC is experienced in obtaining land use permits, has connections to camping and recreation areas, and can provide risk management tools to make programs run smoothly and safely.