Michelle Lloyd

In the 14 years I have been climbing, I have found that climbing serves many purposes. From providing a platform to seek out my own edge and push past it to finding ways to use climbing as a healing modality for trauma survivors, climbing is something truly special. Climbing is malleable and can be a sport that brings energy and challenge, or calmness and meditation depending on what you need that specific day.
I use these nuances to create an environment in which the groups I work with can truly explore who they are in relation to this wonderful sport and the greater outdoors. With a complimentary background in psychology and social work, I have an inclination toward understanding how the mental, cultural, physical, and technical aspects of climbing come together. I’ve used this curiosity to build competitive youth climbing teams, train nationally recognized athletes, and guide throughout the Northeast.
I aim to have an approachable teaching presence that both puts new and advanced climbers alike, at ease. This approach creates memorable teaching moments that enhance the experience for any outing.

Certified Rock Climbing Guide and Coach

 AMGA Certified Rock Climbing Guide ⋅USA Climbing Coach

Experience in the Field

Licensed Social Worker ⋅ Experience in the educational setting ⋅ 5+ years in the mental health field ⋅ 14+ years of climbing experience


Medically Trained

Wilderness First Responder


Proven Success

Michelle has built programs in a variety of settings and watched climbers grow from beginners to nationally recognized athletes.

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